Hey gang. 

Day 3 is here and so are my lady cramps. Ladies, you know how it is. Guys, this is like getting kicked in the balls but you didn’t do anything to deserve it. And the pain doesn’t go away -__- 

Lady cramps really make me not want to work out and I didn’t sleep well last night so I’m tired. But even as I’m writing this I feel kinda guilty after running my mouth about starting this fabulous new healthy lifestyle so I’M GONNA SUCK IT UP AND GO. 

Added bonus – I hear working out makes lady cramps go away/feel better. So there’s that. 

End rant. Begrudgingly heading to the gym. 

Here’s to livin’ the dream! Lady cramps and all! 


Pics or it didn’t happen…..

I obviously want to keep track of my weight loss and successes and who doesn’t love a good before/after pic!? So I’ve asked my talented, photographer friend Kristen to take a photo of me. I don’t want a smartphone selfie, or vintage filter, I want a high quality photo from the front and side that doesn’t leave anything to the imagination! In order to take this new healthy initiative seriously, I need to be honest with myself.

The thing about it is – this isn’t just another diet I want to start and stop a week or two later. Knowing that you’re taking on a different lifestyle can be overwhelming and even a little scary at times. But if I’m going to commit, well damn it, I’ll commit! We’re taking the before photo this weekend but I’m honestly not sure I am going to share the photo with the world just yet. A blog is one thing but baring yourself (I won’t be modeling in the nude but you know what I mean!) publicly is another and quite frankly, I don’t think I’m ready for that yet!

But the important thing is I will have this picture for myself to use for inspiration and as a reminder of where I’ve been. I will also take a new photo every two weeks so I can compare the pics. Those I will probably post eventually because I do want to be an inspiration to others and of course, I want to share my progress!

Here’s a pic of me and Kristen at one of our favorite bars, Celtic Crossing! Makes us feel young again.

One of the best friends I've made in Memphis!

One of the best friends I’ve made in Memphis!

Did I mention her and her sister are incredibly talented? See for yourself! 

Here’s to livin’ the dream,