Day 1 Recap!

Day 1 was pretty darn good! Went to the gym after I finally put my literary genius-ness to rest! Had a great workout for not having worked out for over a week and the best part is I felt great after. I know it sounds corny but there’s really nothing like the feeling you get after a successful workout where you’ve pushed yourself. It’s like a mix between “thank God that’s over” and “dayum girl way to go, do that again every day!”

Can I just say that I love the bright purple and yellow colors of Planet Fitness?!

Can I just say that I love the bright purple and yellow colors of Planet Fitness?!

I also like eating dinner after working out because I feel like it makes me eat better. I don’t want to waste all my hard work on a burger and fries, know what I’m sayin’!?

But alas….single working girl problems ensued and I had no desire to go home and cook (it was a little after 8:00 when I left the gym and I have a half hour drive home so yea). Instead of picking up something to go or fast food grossness, I went to Whole Foods (click here to see why Whole Foods is awesome and I’m all for jumping on that band wagon) and picked up a few ready made things and had a great dinner along with grabbing some things for the rest of the week. It’s going that extra mile and taking the extra step that sometimes comes hard to me for whatever reason. But the more I make the right choices, the easier it will become!

Get in mah belly

Get in mah belly

Day 2 is upon us now…and so far so good! More on that later. I’ll also be posting a pic when I get home of my new sports brassieres and a tip!

Here’s to livin’ the dream!


P.S. I’m posting a picture of JUST the bras…cause they’re super cute…but not my boobs in them so don’t get any ideas.

Tips from Aud

At first this was lumped into my last post but then I realized it was super long. So now that that’s all outta the way, here’s a few tips then I’m off to the gym!

  • If you don’t have time to make lunch, keep a few frozen meals or healthy cans of soup on hand to grab quickly. I used to do a lot of lean cuisines but again, trying to move to cleaner eating so I’ve recently picked up a few things from Amy’s Kitchen line! The soups aren’t the BEST but they’re still good and all organic. So far, their frozen meals have been bomb ass (delicious).


  • Snack smart! I take protein powder to work with me to drink in between meals. I usually don’t get hungry between breakfast and lunch so I’ll drink two scoops with unsweetened almond milk or water. Eventually I want to add some oatmeal and spinach to make it a real protein shake but let’s take some baby steps first, I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel man.
  • If you have a hard time getting to the gym in the morning (I’m almost convinced those people are crazy, yet I wish I was crazy with them) or you go home first and then it’s hard to leave again to go to the gym – check out a gym near your work! I joined a Planet Fitness right down the road from my work so I don’t have an excuse anymore and so far it’s working pretty well! It would work better if I went more, but hey, I’m trying!
  • Planet Fitness is a great place to go if you’re just getting into the gym thing. It’s inexpensive and it seems like there is always one around the corner or nearby. It doesn’t have a track (go to your local high school on the weekends) or pool (community pool anyone? I admit I’ve turned a blind eye to the amount of bacteria that has to be in those pools before just for a romp in the water) but as far as I can see, it has pretty much everything else! Eventually, I’d like to try some Crossfit but again, BABY STEPS!
  • Change it up! Sometimes I don’t feel like going to the gym for the sole reason that I don’t feel like doing the elliptical again. But hello! There are tons of other workouts to do so don’t be afraid to switch out your routine. Plus you’ll be working some different muscles which is always good.
  • Take advantage of personal trainers. When you first sign up at a new gym, a lot of times they will offer you one or more free personal training sessions to get you started. Take advantage of this! Planet Fitness offers unlimited sessions but there are only certain times the trainer is available. The trainer can introduce you to some new moves, show you around the place, teach you how to use some of the equipment, etc. If you want to change up your routine but don’t know where to start, a personal training session could be the perfect way to do that.
  • Take advantage of your support group! Share your successes with your friends and family! They are your biggest fans and number one supporters. I don’t share my successes or goals with my friends and family like I should but I never regret when I do. They are always a great source of motivation! If this isn’t the case with you and you don’t have a lot of support, try opening up to some new friends at the gym. Find someone doing a cool workout and ask them to show you how. We’re all in this together people!

Okay now I’ve been on this motivational sharing high for the past 45 minutes and it’s been great, hope ya liked it, but now I have to go to the gym because I should probably practice what I preach.

Here’s to livin’ the dream!


Day 1 – Week 1

To help keep myself on track for my yearly goals, I am going to start making weekly goals!

  1. Go to the gym at least 4 times this week! I’ve been going to the gym on and off for about a month but I need to stay consistent. 
  2. Only eat out a max 2X this week. It kinda sucks cooking for one, just throwing it out there! I do love to cook once I get going but it’s a pain in the ass to figure out how much food will be too much and by the time I get home it’s already 7pm or later and I don’t want to cook for an hour and eat at eight. But those are also just excuses…. awkward…. So through this whole thing, I will be trying out new recipes and ways to cook ahead of time and try to get on track with cooking at home (and therefore saving $$$ too!).
  3. Get my business page thing up and running. Remember when I said I had just taken on a new money making opportunity? Well an ole’ friend from summer camp reached out to me about this health and wellness company, It Works! I know I use a lot of exclamation points but that one is actually part of the logo so get used to it. Moving on…I was skeptical at first but she talked me into it and now I’m in it so I need to embrace the opportunity and make the most of it! The more I hear and learn about their products, the more I’m hooked so bear with me friends! I will report my progress and such with the different products on this here blog too, so if you ever see or hear anything you’d like more information about, let me know!
  4. Drink smarter, not more. Usually I only go out about one weekend night a week and I try to stick to vodka/soda but sometimes there are shots (especially Fireball, a personal fav) and one night out can end up costing a LOT of calorie so if I do go out this weekend, I will do my best to stick to the basics!
  5. Apply for five jobs. It’s no secret that I’ve been (slowly but surely!) trying to find a job back in MI. I really do enjoy my current job and I’ve grown to like it even more but I would like to eventually get back to muh roots! Despite the ups and downs, I will never look at my time in Memphis as a bad thing and I’ve come to love the city. But as they say, “there’s no place like home!” As I’m sure most of you know, trying to find a job is a long and grueling process. Updating your resume, linkedin, writing a cover letter for every position you want to apply for, googling your name to make sure nothing bad pops up, you get it. Another painful but necessary task of life!

It’s actually been an eye opening and confidence boosting process for me. Having to think back at all that I’ve accomplished in the past few years has allowed me to step outside of the box and look at it from an outside perspective so that’s cool!

Stay tuned for some tips!

Here’s to livin’ the dream,


I’m coming for you 2014…

So in order to make 2014 my bitch, I’m going to need to set some goals. HOORAY. Sometimes thinking of making goals makes me feel gross like oh great, I have to actually try to accomplish something. But such is life and I’m not going to get anywhere if I don’t try, right!? I’ll probably add more goals down the road but here goes it for now:

2014 goals:

  1. Lose weight! I was thinking of putting a number here but I’m not going to do that. I want to BE healthy and of course I want to lose pounds but I don’t want to focus too much on a number rather than incorporating an all around, better, healthier lifestyle.
  2. Get outta debt! I was very lucky to have generous parents who were able to pay for my college but I still worked full time and that kind of meant I had a little more disposable money than the average bear. I actually didn’t but I thought I was a baller so…YEA -_____- It’s nothing crazy! But still, I would like to buy a house in the next few years so being debt free and having a bundle of savings would be pretty rad. Another part of this is taking on a new $$$ making opportunity with an MLM health & wellness company. More on that soon!
  3. Adopt a healthier lifestyle! It seems like every day I read a new article on the crazy chemicals they put in food so I’m moving towards a more organic, “clean eating,” lifestyle. I’d like to drink less pop (soda, coke, whatever you wanna call it), eat less dairy (almond milk instead of regular, veggie shreds instead of pasteurized, processed cheese, etc.), consume more vitamins and good for you grains like quinoa, brown rice, etc. instead of my favorite delicious load of white bread from the Kroger bakery.
  4. Stay in better touch with people! Moving away from the place I called home for over 24  years has made it a little harder to keep in touch with my fam! I can’t hop in the car and drive up North or to Grand Rapids to see family for the weekend. I can’t drive to downtown Detroit on a whim for an awesome night out and see friends I haven’t  seen in a while. Plus my awesome sista and brotha live in Colorado and Florida so there’s that. SO ANYWAYS write more letters, emails, funny pictures and fun stuff!
  5. I swear I had more goals when I was thinking about making this post but these seem most important for now.

I’m still getting the hang of this blog thang and I don’t want to write a ton of super long posts soo read the next one for my weekly goals! I know you’re excited!

Here’s to livin’ the dream!


Woo Hoo!

Hello world!

The name is Audrey, Aud for short.

I’m 25, from the Detroit area of the mitten state.

Currently residing in Memphis, TN

Long story short – I got my first “big girl” job, moved out on my own and kind of lost myself the past couple of years. I wasn’t happy and gained a lot of weight. I got tired of feeling sorry for myself and am committed to changing for the better. Basically I’m going to make 2014 my bitch. 

I know I could have had it a lot worse without the love and support from my friends and family so shout out to them!

My hope for this blog is to hold myself accountable for these changes and perhaps motive and inspire others along the way!

Here’s to livin’ the dream!