How NOT to Cook…..

So when you’re trying to incorporate different foods into your diet, it’s probably best you follow a recipe…unlike myself who thought I could just be a chef without any training.

Asparagus: I put some olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a glass baking dish with dried onion bits and “roasted” them in the oven for about 15 min. at 400 degrees. These actually didn’t turn out too bad, I would even go as far to say they were good but they weren’t great. They were a little bland but I had gotten home late so I was trying to do something quick and easy.¬†

Protein cereal: This one was definitely not a good choice. Unsweetened almond milk + ¬†Special K = not a bad quick breakfast (I really am the worst at getting anything substantial done in the morning). However..when you try to add vanilla protein powder to the milk then add the cereal, the consistency is gross and it doesn’t taste all that great.¬†

So…today’s tip is plan ahead and get a recipe before hand! Or make sure you have a back up plan when your first attempt goes awry. Thankfully I had my greens to supplement some healthiness into my morning! PHEW.

Here’s to livin’ the dream,