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It Works!

So y’all have heard me talk about the It Works stuff so I’m here to expand! I don’t have personal experience with all of the products…yet. But I can report back on the most popular! 

Greens: One word – awesome. With eight full servings of fruits and veggies and lots of other good stuff, it’s like a multivitamin on crack. But like…..good crack? Read more about Greens here and make sure to click the view ingredients link! It has several FAQ’s that are really informational. I add two scoops (a regular serving size) of the berry flavor to my morning protein smoothie! I have definitely noticed a change for the good in being more energized in the morning and throughout the day. After coming off of a bad cold, it’s hard not to feel healthy after that but Greens definitely helped get me over the hump and I honestly feel healthier than I have since before the cold gave me winter-long congestion. 


Wraps: The ultimate body applicator is also awesome. Four wraps is a full process but I’ve only done one so I’m going to wait until I’ve done another one or two. My SIL pics were grainy so it was hard to see the results if you weren’t there but as a woman who looks awesome after having FIVE, yes that is 5, kids you know it’s gonna take a toll on your tummy! She said the wrap tightened her tum and felt firmer, woo! I gave her and my brother one each but I think she might finagle her way into using both 🙂 Below are several before/after pics and there are plenty more where that came from! Read more here


Defining Gel: They recommend using this stuff in between wraps and may I say, it’s a good recommendation! My tum doesn’t look awesome yet but it looks a lot better than when I started! Definitely lives up to its name and tighten, tones and firms! More here



Ultimate Fat Fighter: First of all, this stuff is only $23 (loyal customer price) so that’s awesome. Second, you know when you have a really delicious meal, healthy or not and you just feel overstuffed and gross? The fat fighter has carb inhibitors and this stuff from cacti that block some of the carbs and cals you intake. So you just poop it out later! Cool! Haha all jokes aside, this stuff is great! Although, don’t take it after a morning protein shake with a bunch of other awesome stuff…you don’t want anything good getting blocked! Plus with breakfast being the most important meal of the day, you prob shouldn’t mess with breakfast. Read more heeeeere.



I’m tired and have to cook chicken for this week’s food prep so since I just did my facial tonight, I’ll wait until tomorrow. Then I can tell you how this balsamic chicken turned out I’m about to make and inhale after or in between also doing an hour of yoga sometime tonight. This is what the dream is people. It’s not easy but it’s worth it! 

Here’s to livin’ the dream,