Top of the Mornin Tuesday!

Such a good feeling when you wake up on the right side of the bed!

Apparently Stella (my new cat, more on her later) likes Greens too because she found my bag of to go packets and had herself a little bite!


Now on to today’s healthy delicious breakfast alert! Flaxseed whole grain waffles with earth balance coconut peanut butter! SO GOOD.


On to my work day!
Here’s to livin’ the dream,

Week 1 Recap/Week 2 Goals

Honestly I could have done a little better but I am still really proud of myself!

The Good:

  • Worked out five days last week – a day more than my goal yayyy!
  • Stuck to “good” snacks when I got hungry like hummus, protein shakes with unsweetened almond milk, light popcorn
  • Really limited my sweet tooth!

The Not So Good:

  • Drank too much Saturday night – booooo – but it was a needed night out with my gal pals and I only go out like that once in a great while so I think I can give myself a break! As long as it doesn’t become a habit, it’s good to let off some steam every so often!
  • I think I could have pushed myself a little harder at the gym but I still had good workouts and am inspired to continue going and push myself more this week.
  • Ate out 3 times instead of my goal of 2. A sub (lots of veggies!) on Weds. night, salad for lunch on Friday and pizza Friday night. But it was Friday….and it was pizza….and the sub and salad were’t too bad so one pizza night isn’t going to kill me.

Now I want to be clear because some of that sounds like excuses. I have been pretty hard on myself in the past and I found that it was only discouraging and made me feel worse. I told myself that as I embraced a healthier lifestyle, I wouldn’t beat myself up if I slipped up. We’re only human people! Plus pizza will never stop being delicious so you kinda have to have a slice every once in a while.

  • I didn’t apply to ANY jobs -______- This one I have no excuse for. My only remedy is to make good on my goal this week. If I went two weeks without meeting the goal that would be embarrassing so here’s to my rockin’ resume!

Week 2 Goals!

  1. Work out 4 times this week. Now ideally, I would move it up to 5 since I did well with 5 last week but I am going to FLORIDAAAA this weekend so I’m going to stick with 4 🙂
  2. Don’t go too crazy on vacation! There will obviously be drinking but I really want to try and make healthier choices food-wise. It’s always harder on vacation because you have less control over what you’re eating and way more choices than a regular day. So my goal is to encourage myself and my family to make the healthier choices while we’re out painting Orlando red!
  3. Apply to 5 jobs as noted above.
  4. Not eat out at all until I go on vacay. This means I’m making breakfast, lunch and dinner until Friday!
  5. Take my greens every day – and don’t forget when I’m on vacay! These are Greens and they’re awesome. EIGHT servings of fruits and veggies in one serving! Aw yea.

I think that’ll be it for now. As some of these goals start becoming part of my regular routine, I want to think of fun new goals…ideas anyone? I’ll give it a little more thought and keep y’all updated 🙂

Some new tips coming tomorrow! Here’s a list from Buzzfeed to keep you occupied until then: “Healthy” Foods w/ More Sugar Than a Snickers Bar!

Here’s to livin’ the dream,


24 Hours Down the Drain – *Updated

It’s been a minute since I’ve updated but I promise I haven’t given up already! I was planning on posting a few updates yesterday but it was my friends bachelorette party Saturday night so Sunday was a wash. Although it was a great time and worth the hangover, I still hate when I lose an entire day! And now it’s Monday morning at work so I can’t spend toooo much time on the world wide web.

So I guess I just wanted to update that I’m still alive and kicking….more later!

**Update! Check out this funny from buzzfeed! I think mine would be perfectly described as #13 HA


Here’s to livin’ the dream,



almost let my lady cramps get the best of me yesterday but I pushed through and had a great workout! Felt pretty darn good man.

I’m feeling the heat again today though. It’s just so dreary out! Which makes me feel dreary, which makes me not in the best of moods (not a bad mood, just kinda blah ya know?), which obviously doesn’t generate the best response to working out. So I needed some inspiration and even though I usually hate those corny fitness quotes, a friend told me about @FITMOTIV8WOMEN on Instagram so I decided to check it out! I scrolled through several and the ones you see below are the ones that stood out the most to me today. I should also note that the fonts/images they use are terrible so please focus on the message, not the image. I was going to throw together a few of my own but decided my time would be better spent at the gym.

Side note/side rant – I google searched “fitness,” “gym” and “workout” on the google and the majority of the pictures that came up were just bodybuilders covered in oil. So not relatable! Anyways, here ya go:

I CAN'T STAND THE CURLZ FONT! But I hope I'm inspiring some people.

I CAN’T STAND THE CURLZ FONT! But I hope I’m inspiring some people.

IMG_6389 IMG_6391 IMG_6388Be inspired! You can do it! Yayyyyyyy!

Here’s to livin’ the dream,




Hey gang. 

Day 3 is here and so are my lady cramps. Ladies, you know how it is. Guys, this is like getting kicked in the balls but you didn’t do anything to deserve it. And the pain doesn’t go away -__- 

Lady cramps really make me not want to work out and I didn’t sleep well last night so I’m tired. But even as I’m writing this I feel kinda guilty after running my mouth about starting this fabulous new healthy lifestyle so I’M GONNA SUCK IT UP AND GO. 

Added bonus – I hear working out makes lady cramps go away/feel better. So there’s that. 

End rant. Begrudgingly heading to the gym. 

Here’s to livin’ the dream! Lady cramps and all! 


Treat Yo’ Self!

You know how they say things like “dress to impress,” “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” and “you’re never fully dressed without a smile?” Just kidding about the last one but actually it kind of still works!

If you’re looking for motivation, get some new gym clothes! If you put on sweat pants, a baggy t shirt and your old sneakers, you’ll feel like laying around, not going to the gym! But if you’ve got on a good pair of tennis shoes, a new sports bra and a bright, fun t-shirt, you will probably feel more ready to go! I got three new sports bras at Target the other day and I seriously can’t wait to wear them all! Plus they were on clearance – BAM!  I also really like their V-neck tees, I like them loose but not super baggy and the V neck is more feminine than that XXL shirt they gave out at the last fair you went to.

IMG_6371 IMG_6376

Pretty colors!!!

Pretty colors!!!

So next time you’re feeling a little blahh, go out and get that new sports bra girlfriend! Or for the guys, go out and get that new pair of shorts! (no idea)

Here’s to livin’ the dream!